Berkshire – Episode 2

We are a nation obsessed with property, but many of us are stuck with houses which we feel embarrassed to call home. Sky high prices mean that the drabbest, most outdated property on the street is often all we can afford. But rather than waste time dreaming of the perfect home, the solution could be right under your nose.

In this new Channel 4 series, George Clarke shows that even the ugliest house can be transformed into a home to be proud of.  He has teamed up the owners of some of Britain’s most unloved houses with some of the UK’s leading architects.

From a tired 1950s bungalow to a family house butchered by an 80s extension, each architect will use cutting edge design to breathe fresh life into some our ugliest ducklings and, with tight budgets, prove that great design doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Rachel and James bought their home nine years ago for £220,000 – but with two young sons, they’re fast out-growing the property and can’t afford to move.  What’s more, the classic 60s kitchen diner layout doesn’t work for family living and there’s no direct access from the hallway to the kitchen, meaning the living room has become a corridor.  The couple tried to rectify the situation by extending to the side of the house but this addition failed to alleviate any of their problems.

What Rachel and James want is a home that gives them more space for a more sociable life, but with a budget of just £60,000, and a desire for something more than just a bog-standard extension, is a solution possible?

Ed Lipton is a leading UK architect who specialises in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces in commercial and residential properties. The key for Ed is to find the individual ‘story’ of each and every space he takes on.  He prides himself on creating complex and highly developed design solutions that combine aesthetic surprise and simplicity.  Over the last 13 years, Ed has overseen a portfolio of 400+ schemes.

Ed believes he can transform Rachel and James’ uninspiring family home by knocking down the garage and replacing it with a dramatic, double-height extension to give the living space a real sense of drama.  He also wants to add a second bedroom with en-suite ‘pod’ and a viewing gallery over-looking the kitchen.

Ed’s bold ideas, however, are frustratingly held up by planning. Once the build finally starts, Rachel and James agree to move out so the build can progress quicker…but it has to be completed in a fast, eight-week turnaround, will it be finished in time?


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